Qualsafe Award in Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety


 Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety
Duration: 1 day
Introduction Work-related violence is now considered by many as one of the most serious occupational hazards facing employees. The negative consequences of violence are well documented. It has been estimated that stress and violence together possibly account for approximately 30% of the overall costs of ill-health and accidents

The course aims to:

  • Establish the significance of the risk of violence and aggression;
  • Identify what can be done to prevent or control the risk; and
  • Produce a clear management plan to achieve this.
Awarding Body Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Who should attend All staff and managers or anyone who works with the general public
Course Outcome This qualification will benefit any worker who has to deal with the public, either in the public or private sectors. It will help staff and managers recognise potential problems before they arise and develop the skills to defuse the conflicts before they escalate to serious confrontation and violence with the aim of making a safer working environment.
Course Syllabus

HSE definition of violence at work.
Examples of violent behaviour.
Description of the negative effects of violence in the workplace e.g. low staff morale, high absenteeism.
Factors that contribute to a confrontational situation.
Principals of conflict management.
The law, understanding the difference between common law, criminal law and best practice guidance.
Description of the four main categories of assault.
Law regarding self defence and definition of reasonable and justifiable force.
Reporting and recording procedures of confrontational behaviour.
Review of working environment to identify risks to personal safety.
Company policies and personal safety procedures.
Specific situations that may increase the risk of conflict.
Procedures to minimise the risks of conflict.
Indicators of aggressive behaviour.
Identify aggressive signals and behaviour.
Methods to defuse a potential confrontational situation.
Verbal and non verbal signals to be used as a means of conflict minimisation.
Communication skills to defuse conflict.
Examples of common threats in the workplace.
Personal safety.
Establish personal safety zones.
Breakaway techniques to protect personal safety.


Test will take place at end of training day

Test will be one hour duration and consist of 30 multiple choice questions

Participants who achieve 20 or more correct answers will pass the examination and receive a certificate with the CIEH logo within two weeks