COSHH Risk Assessments 2

All organisations have a legal obligation to carry out specific CoSHH Risk Assessments for all activities which involve the use of hazardous substances.
How can we help? Our fully trained and experienced specialists can undertake your CoSHH Risk Assessments and provide you with CoSHH Awareness Training.

Hazardous substances include:

  • Toxic liquids and pastes
  • Paint, inks, glues, lubricants and detergents
  • Any substances with workplace exposure limits (WELs) are hazardous to health.
  • Processes that emit dust, fume, vapour, mist or gas
When completing a CoSHH Risk Assessment our specialist will consider:
  • The hazards presented by the substance;
  • The safety data sheet provided by the supplier/manufacturer (in the case of chemicals);
  • The likely route of exposure (e.g. breathed in, swallowed, injected)etc.
  • The duration of exposure;
  • The severity of any likely ill-health effects, and any required first aid treatment;
  • The methods of disposing of the substance;
  • Storage methods and any special fire fighting requirements.
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