Health & Safety Management Systems

Most organisations recognise that Health and Safety Management Systems are an essential part of any business and are just as important as the management of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources and Accounting.

Organisations that recognise the link between the identification and control of risk and the general health of their staff are well on their way to success. These organisations choose to build Health and Safety Management Systems that are as integral to their organisation as any other business process.

What can we do?

Zenith Learning specialise in the design and implementation of bespoke Health and Safety Management Systems and take the time to talk you through the process ensuring it is right for your organisation.

Your Management System should contain the following:

  • Your Health and Safety Policy
  • Arrangements and organisation for managing safety in the workplace
  • Evidence of Health and Safety AuditsInspections and Action Plans
  • All of your Risk Assessments and Reviews
  • Your plan for implementing controls
  • Evidence of Staff Training


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