Health & Safety Inspections

Zenith Learning can assist any type of business and organisation that requires Health and Safety Inspections to be undertaken of their workplace or specific areas, we will also ensure compliance with all current HSE legislation related to Health and Safety within the workplace.

What can we do?

Our Health and Safety inspections cover all work areas and physical parts of the premises, along with assessment of current documentation and processes. The core aims of our expert inspection services are to;

  • look for hazards or potential hazards in the workplace;
  • review risk assessments that have been carried out;
  • talk in confidence to employees and managers about any problems in workplace;
  • Observe how work is being done - are safe systems being followed.
  • Our Health and Safety Inspections are an important monitoring tool to ensure hazards remain controlled and employees and others are not at risk. Following our in depth inspections we will produce a detailed Health and Safety inspection report detailing:
  • observations made and hazards identified;
  • level of risk (High, medium or low);
  • highlight recommendations necessary to ensure on-going legal compliance.


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