Incident response – investigation

Incident response services to support your business in the event of a serious accident or incident in the workplace. We’ll provide a full accident response service, from accident investigation and reports, through to the measures you should put in place to prevent the incident happening again.

What can we do?

We work with your managers, supporting investigations into accidents or incidents. Our consultants work effectively at every level of any organisation, from the shop floor to the boardroom, helping to increase the effectiveness of your processes.

After an incident, we'll work with you, providing you with expert advice, guidance and technical support that it would take valuable time to acquire from elsewhere.

Services include

Our incident support services are tailored to meet your needs, but one feature is our ability to provide accurate information in all areas of safety and occupational health.

We’ll assist your incident investigation by:

Providing, same-day expertise if needed.

co-ordinating key activities so that you can focus your efforts on critical business matters

Identifying detailed root cause analysis and preparing action plans

taking the findings of your investigation and using them to implement changes which will prevent similar things happening again in the future


Our consultants will help all businesses, especially those where an accident or incident stretches a limited resource base. We’ll offer expert advice and guidance.. This means that you’ll be able to concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business at what is often a stressful and crucial time.

Our health and safety team of consultants operate out of our main office and can provide a local service wherever you are.

All our consultants possess industry-recognised qualifications and have extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with all health and safety issues.

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