Portable Fire Extinguisher Testing



Fire extinguishers are a safety provision that can be undervalued at times, but would be the first thing you would look for if a small manageable fire broke out in your building. It is therefore crucial that these are serviced and maintained on a frequent basis to ensure your building is ready with the correct provisions in the event of an unexpected fire.

As a company you have a legal obligation to maintain your fire-fighting equipment to protect you, your employees and the general public. We make the servicing of your fire extinguishers effortless and affordable. Please contact us if you require your fire extinguishers to be serviced/maintained.

Current legislation stipulates that all employers must carry out a full Fire Risk Assessment, thoroughly examining the potential risk and spread of fire in a commercial property.

We offer assistance with the marking up of plans to get you successfully through health and safety regulations, site or building surveys, recommendations and quotations.

Fire Risk Assessments can be an extremely complex and confusing process and the detail that is required can be intricate and exhaustive. Here at Zenith Learning we can carry out your assessment for you, working to the highest possible standard and ensuring you comply with all your legal and contractual obligations.
Our dedicated team of consultants are fully trained and highly experienced and can select the most appropriate assessment process for your individual specifications and requirements.

The best way to prevent fire at your business premises is to train staff to recognise fire risks and eliminate hazards before they become dangerous. Having trained staff will ensure that your business is a safer place to work all round. Fire training courses can be tailor made to your companies requirements. We conduct training for hotels and guest houses, residential care homes, schools , offices and shops, factories/warehouses and construction sites

So for a complete fire safety service, from the initial Fire Risk Assessment through to complete installation and maintenance services, contact us at sitesafetyni@gmail.com






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